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With Enneagram Coaching YOU will gain

passion, clarity, confidence, connection & courage!

To begin your Enneagram journey

You need to book the:


Enneagram Coaching 5 Sessions 



Enneagram Coaching

5 sessions

Explore your type, find out how to grow, and push past obstacles. Connect with that part of you don't understand. Gain insight to why you do things and learn about others. Experience transformation in your life, starting living on purpose!

You and I will meet for 5 sessions that last 60 min. each. We will go through a structured guide that will give you areas to work on in between sessions. You will have worksheets to keep all of your information organized. You can email anytime for more growth opportunities as you dive into your type. I walk with you each step and make sure you understand and can apply how the  enneagram in your life. 

Career Coaching

3 sessions

Find out what career would fit you best based on your enneagram type. You will take several skills and strength assessments and we will discuss in depth specific career fields recommended for your type. We will also explore education level, salary and details required fro each field of interest.

You and I will meet for 3 sessions that last 60 min. each. We will go over the results of your assessments and work on questions and understanding of the field of interest and how your type would experience that career in general. We will choose  3 top career fields to explore in depth.

LIfe Skills Coaching

4 sessions

Coming Soon!

Positive Thinking


5 sessions

Coming Soon!

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